Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Restoration

Street Rods by Design is a national authority on classic car restoration located in Cincinnati, OH. With over 40 years in the classic car restoration experience, Rick Engle is an expert in his craft. Rick’s passion began at a young age in his father’s mechanic shop, where he learned what it took to design a high quality street rod. Throughout the years there hasn’t been a make or model that Rick hasn’t gotten his hands on including GM, Ford, Chrysler, GMC, Plymouth, Buick, Oldsmobile, Lincoln, and Pontiac.

At Street Rods By Design work on a variety of projects. From complete ground up restorations, to partial restorations, to specific classic car problems, at Street Rods By Design we handle it all.

From the golden shores of California to the sunshine state of Florida, our vehicles have won numerous awards at car shows and cruise ins from coast to coast.


What sets Street Rods by Design apart from the competition is our workmanship and attention to detail. In fact before every car is finished our founder, and certifiable gear head Rick inspects every component of your hot rod, meticulously combing over every last detail to ensure that our high standards have been met. Our number goal is 100% customer satisfaction, every project, every time.


From hot rods to resto mods to pure American muscle, at Street Rods by Design we’ve got you covered. Our handcrafted automobiles are designed with one thing in my mind to suit your every wish and desire. Free from the confines of everyday life we make your dreams reality.

At Street Rods By Design classic car restoration isn’t a job, its a way of life!

Lets get you driving again.

At Street Rods by Design we don’t just make cars we create the automotive experience of a lifetime!  Call us today at 513-254-1113.