Custom Paint Shop 1968 Chevrolet Nova 1
1968 Chevrolet Nova
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1929 Ford Pickup Truck Front
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1937 Ford Roadster









There’s nothing more refreshing to see than a beautiful custom paint job on a muscle car or hot rod. In many ways it’s the start of the frame off restoration process, so it is critical that the custom paint shop you choose is experienced.

At Street Rods By Design, we are the premiere custom paint shop. What sets our custom paint shop apart from others is our methodical attention to details.

Before we begin the custom paint process, our body shop goes over all imperfections in the body of the muscle car. Once the imperfections in the car are fixed we can then being to start the custom paint process.

When we paint muscle cars we begin by mounting the muscle car or hot rod on a rotisserie. A rotisserie is a steel frame that suspends the body of your muscle car off the ground. The importance of this is that it allows us to rotate the muscle car to up to 360 degrees easily and effortlessly. This makes for greater precision and control when applying the custom paint of you’re choice on your muscle car.

After we have applied multiple coats of paint to you’re muscle car, it is time to apply multiple coats of clear. But before we apply the clear coats of paint, we remove all “orange peel.” After applying custom paint to a muscle car a chemical reaction occurs giving the surface of the paint the texture of the rind of an orange, or orange peel.
This is not a big deal, all it requires is some sanding with some sand paper, and we can begin to apply the clear.

After the clear is applied, we buff the entire muscle car until we have achieved the clean glossy look we want.

That is the custom paint process in a nutshell. It may sounding daunting or overtly complicated but at Street Rods By Design we walk you through the process so that at the end of the day you are happy.

Whether it is a classic car, hot rod or muscle car at Street Rods By Design when it comes to custom paint we’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 513-254-1113!